Passing our love to the world


I have a son (Lucas) and a sphinx cat (Boris). They are like the two brightest stars in the night, and they are the most important in my life. So I chose Boris as the brand’s image spokesperson. My son makes me more motivated to bring you better articles and products. I love them very much, and I hope to share this sincere feeling with you.

—— ——The founder of SuperBoris: Randy James

Found some good products

In superboris, you can find everything you want. The superboris brand covers all supplies for children aged 0-13, such as baby products such as feeding bottles, bathtubs, toys, and some children’s products such as school bags, stationery, and children’s clothing.

Famous baby bloggers

There are some well-known infant education science bloggers, they will bring you the most authoritative and valuable articles, and teach you how to take care of your children and get along with them.